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December 29, 2012 – 10:11 am

For many years, “cleanses” have been in the media as something to do in order to flush out your system to “start over”.  However, if you really look into many of these great bodily cleanses you see that most of the time you can’t do anything else while doing them, and they often last around […]

November 18, 2012 – 4:06 pm

For years and years we have heard from the media that 8, 8oz glasses of water is what every person should be drinking on a daily basis. Like most media driven dietary suggestions I began to question the number 8.  I started thinking, is 8 just an average number that they found? How do I […]

October 14, 2012 – 2:14 pm

Every dancer, athlete, and active person has had that moment when they get injured in some capacity but must continue on dancing, playing a sport, or keeping up with their kids.  Just recently I had two injuries that should have taken me “out of the game” so to speak, but instead I kept dancing injured. […]

September 30, 2012 – 10:21 pm

Happy 10th birthday Alliance Dance Company! My have you grown; both in size and popularity since you were founded in 2002. You started out with a group of dancers getting together between gigs. As your artistic director and founder, Jennifer Gage, stated, “We all had strong company affiliations and backgrounds and just wanted to dance and be creative. So I thought, why not? Why not put on my own show and have some fun?”

September 24, 2012 – 10:43 pm

Capezio Freedom Sneaker at Chicago Dance Supply NOW on SALE! Only $28!

September 19, 2012 – 1:57 pm

Sleek, Slimming, Warm! Try on Chicago Dance Supply’s sweater tights by Gaynor Minden!

September 17, 2012 – 11:26 pm

Collaboration, business innovation, artistic mecca, all contributes to Chicago Human Rhythm Project (CHRP) artistic director Lane Alexander’s vision of the American Rhythm Center (ARC).

April 28, 2012 – 5:30 pm

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April 5, 2012 – 3:57 pm

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April 3, 2012 – 8:23 pm

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