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January 7, 2016 – 11:20 am

As the elevator doors open on the third floor of the Old Town School of Folk Music, you notice there is a charge in the air. There is a mixture of chatter and movement. It is generated from the community of young dancers that have come to call Old Town School their dance home. Dance […]

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January 1, 2013 – 8:21 pm

Has it been awhile since you’ve been in dance class? No, no. We’re not judging you. But perhaps it’s been on your mind anyway? The great thing about adult dance classes is that often times there is open enrollment. Drop-ins are welcomed. Check out our “Where to dance in Chicago”directory.  Perhaps there’s a class that […]

November 19, 2012 – 2:53 pm

The holidays often mean closed studios and fewer options.  What’s a dancer to do? Here come the holidays…”your” studio is closed, there are candies and cookies tempting you everywhere you go, and the yearly “It’s a Wonderful Life” marathon is starting on TV. Not a happy prospect for those of us who thrive on a […]

October 3, 2012 – 10:31 pm

It’s equally easy to be polite or rude in dance class. A primer on how to put your best foot forward. We’ve all been there. You come to class and snag a choice spot at the center barre when a latecomer ducks in and  blocks your prized mirror access. You’re psyched up to head across […]

August 23, 2012 – 3:00 pm
February 10, 2012 – 11:11 am
August 23, 2011 – 11:15 pm

Unleash Your Inner Fierce

By Dria Fair

As you enter the dance studio on 5965 North Clark Street, you are greeted by soulful lyrics and the funky, upbeat tempo of House music. If you are familiar with the dance style of Joel Hall, you would know that House music is a heavy influence on his jazz technique, and that he regularly teaches his classes with it. When you glance into the front studio, you see the dancers maneuvering difficult battement and allegro combinations opposed to pencil turns and hippy jazz movement.

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