Bloch European Balance Strong

Bloch European Balance Strong

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Bloch's European Balance Strong offers all the wonderful attributes of the European Balance, but with a stronger shank. The pointe shoe has a curved last that follows the natural contours of the foot, providing comfort and injury protection. It's tapered box creates a snug and secure fit, providing support. The generous platform encourages balanced weight distribution and reduces pressure on individual metatarsals. Inside the box at the platform is a soft sponge cushion insert which gives extra comfort and protection when standing 'en pointe' and acts as a shock absorber. The shoe also features a diagonal side seam that reduces satin creasing and an elastic drawstring that creates a streamlined, snug fit. Ribbons and elastic sold separately.

Women: Go 2 to 2.5 sizes down from street shoe size. An in-store pointe shoe fitting is recommended to find the correct fit.

Style Number: ES0160S