DNI Clasico Black
DNI Clasico Black
DNI Clasico Black

DNI Clasico Black

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Model Clasico

In the DNI Store’s eleven years, selling quality, long lasting, stylish shoes has been its priority.

  • Each cut of genuine leather is hand selected and inspected ensuring that only the best cuts are used.
  • All components, from adhesives to buckles to laces, are quality products.
  • DNI shoes are durable lasting for many years.


  • Lining of calf skin for comfort and breathability.
  • Lining joined by fine and tight stitching to avoid rubbing on the foot.
  • High-grade, impact resistant rubber padding on heels.


  • Beveled soles to avoid sticking or catching on the dance floor.
  • All heels are three centimeters (3cm) for sizes up to 42.5. Sizes 43 and larger have a two centimeter (2cm) heel.
DNI Clasico Black