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Joan Oberndorf has been and continues to be a dance teacher and student, returning to the dance world 15 years ago after a 10 year hiatus. Her resume includes dancing en pointe as a giant fly and performing in a department store window (though not at the same time). She’s also a massage therapist maintaining a private practice, and for a change of pace she runs a weekly farmer’s market on the north side of Chicago. When she’s not doing the above she likes to cook, eat, and hang out with her family.

Warm Up Your Holidays!

Looking for a way to warm hearts – and toes – this holiday season? CDS has some great ideas to share, and a great sale* to help you keep within that frugal dancer budget too! We’re kicking off (pun intended of course) our late night sale Friday December 15, and staying open until 9pm so you […]

DIY Bodywork!

We all love to get a massage when our bodies are sore and tired, but sometimes because of time or finances (or both) this isn’t possible. The solution? A variety of tools that you can use on your own to ease knotted muscles, overworked feet, and more. Some of them only require a little ingenuity […]

Finding Your Studio

Finding the studio that fits you best is like finding the perfect pair of dance shoes-it can take a little time and patience, but once you’re successful it feels great! Us Chicagoans have the advantage of being in a large metro area, with lots of choices, but even those in smaller cities should be thoughtful […]

Back To Dance!

It’s time to get back to dance. The end of summer traditionally means “back to school”-but for many it also means a return to our regular dance routine too. Chances are you danced more (studio intensives, camps, summer programs away) less (studio hiatus, time at the beach), or even both during the summer months. Either way […]

The Hard Working Foot, Part Two

Pain in the sole of your foot is no fun. Why it happens and ways to deal. Foot pain is…a pain (duh) but can be especially worrying when you’re a dancer.  Pain in the plantar (or bottom) surface of your foot can range from mild soreness to highly uncomfortable, and can potentially put you on […]

The Hard Working Foot, Part One

Be kind to your feet and they will treat you well. Work Those Feet A strong foot is a happy foot-and less prone to injury.  Ergo, happy feet make happy (and less injured) dancers.  Unfortunately, I often find that dancers don’t really know how to accomplish this-habits develop, feet sickle, and…no need to finish this […]

Dance around town-Geoffrey and Carmen

Here’s your chance to learn about two legends of dance. And theatre. And art… I love love love it when people (in this case dancers) break out of the box and defy convention.  Think all dancers do is dance, or maybe (just maybe) choreograph or teach?  You need to get yourself down to the DuSable […]

The Dining Dancer: Keep it Smooth(ie)

Looking for something substantial and sustaining or refreshing and light?  A quick snack or on the go meal?  Smoothies fit the bill. The typical dancer schedule doesn’t lend it self to long sit down meals (though I firmly believe it should be made a priority to have as many of these as possible).  Most dancers […]

The Art of Turning, Part Two: Spot On

Spotting is an essential skill for every turn you take. Good for you but not very palatable, frustrating, occasionally nausea inducing,  many dancers approach turns with sighs and trepidation.  Turns for most of us are the spinach on the menu of class exercises (and grand allegro is the dessert, am I right?).  Spotting is one […]

New Year’s resolve

Resolve to open your dance worldview.  Can’t we all just dance and get along? Ah, the new year’s resolution-I went to yoga last week and the room was packed, PACKED, with bodies.  By the end of January (ok, mid-February at the latest)  I know that I’ll have plenty of room to roll out my mat.  […]