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Jennie Becker (St. Paul, MN) received her early dance training from Midwest Youth Dance Theater in St. Paul, MN. She received her B.A. in Theatre/Dance and Biology from Luther College in May, 2010. There she trained with Jane Hawley and Amanda Hamp in Modern and Contact Improvisation.Throughout her collegiate years, Jennie was able to train and dance with Zenon Dance Company and School and Rainy Day Cabaret in Minneapolis, MN. She is excited to begin her dance career in such a vibrant city with TheMASSIVE, and feels lucky to be surrounded by an amazing group of people.

Don’t Miss Out: Summer Dance Performances!

Every summer there are always a ton of great performances to see in Chicago.  Here are some great shows coming up from some of the Companies that Chicago Dance Supply Sponsors! Chicago Tap Theater Presents: Mama’s Boy – a tale of love, rivalry and revenge told entirely through tap dance and set to live music! This tap […]

Dancer Health: It’s Getting Hot . . . How to Stay Hydrated

Now that we are officially past the winter season, it is starting to get pretty hot out quickly.  Many dancers love this time of year. It’s a time when warming up is easier and staying warm isn’t even a question.  The one downside is that now we are sweating more and for longer periods of […]

Dancer Health: When There’s No Time to Recover

Every once in a while a dancer is faced with with many weeks or months without a day off. Whether that is rehearsing, performing, teaching or all three it can be pretty draining on the mind and body. There are a few ways that you can make sure to take care of all of you. […]

River North Dance Chicago: Special Events

Not only is River North Dance Dance Chicago performing this weekend at the North Shore Center for the Performing Arts in Skokie IL, they are also hosting two very special events: Special Panel Discussion and Women in Motion. Both events are very tantalizing for the performing artists and well as those who are dance enthusiasts. […]

Dancer Health: How to Heal Skin Splits

Every dancer has that time when the skin on the bottom of their feet splits.  Usually it’s pretty uncomfortable and often can be downright painful.  There aren’t too many things you can do to prevent such a split, but there are some things you can do to help the healing process . . . Keep […]

Dancer How To: Tips to get the job

Everyone wants to know how dancers get any job from an audition. Well for the most part you will never know for sure why on dancer gets picked over another. There is a wide range of qualities that a director is looking for form height, body type, eye color, to overall movement quality.  There will […]

Newest Sponsored Company: The Chicago Moving Company

    The Chicago Moving Company is hard at work getting ready for their next upcoming work, 40th Anniversary Concert. Here is a little information about what you can expect from their concert: “Iconic works from CMC repertory as well as a world premiere. Also on view:What the Camera Sees photo exhibit, RETRO-spective costume exhibit, a video screening and after show […]

Dancer Health: After Holiday Cleanse

For many years, “cleanses” have been in the media as something to do in order to flush out your system to “start over”.  However, if you really look into many of these great bodily cleanses you see that most of the time you can’t do anything else while doing them, and they often last around […]

Dancer Health: Enjoy Thanksgiving without the Extra Calories

The big day is tomorrow and every year I think that I am going to not over stuff myself on some of the best food all year, and every year I’m on the couch a few hours later sleeping off my food coma.  Well, this yes is going to be different with these few helpful […]

Dancer Health: H2O, Is 8 Glasses Enough?

For years and years we have heard from the media that 8, 8oz glasses of water is what every person should be drinking on a daily basis. Like most media driven dietary suggestions I began to question the number 8.  I started thinking, is 8 just an average number that they found? How do I […]