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Chicago Career Conversation: Creative Careers

What can you do to define your ideal career path? Join our panel of experts (Kristina Fluty, GL-CMA, MPACC, Dance/Movement Therapy at Columbia College; dancer, Molly Shanahan/Mad Shak and Benjamin Wardell, Founder and Creative Director, The Cambrians, dancer, Lucky Plush Productions; Freelance Choreographer, Teacher, Photographer and Videographer) to explore the wide array of options for […]

Dancing on a Budget by Dria Fair

At CDS we understand that times are tough, and that any money you have available to invest on your love of dance has to be spent wisely. It is no secret that picking out a dance uniform that is both stylish and economical can be a challenge. However, it isn’t impossible! By shopping at CDS […]

What Should I Wear to My First Tap or Flamenco Class?

Many studios have a list of recommended attire for each kind of dance class, so ask your teacher or check out their website or class schedule prior to your first class. Below are basic guidelines for what to wear for your first tap and flamenco dance class

Am I Ready for Pointe Shoes? by April C. Lewis

Pointe work is an advanced level of dance that must be approached only by those who are physically and mentally ready.

How to Sew Ribbons and Elastic to Pointe Shoes by April C. Lewis

Before sewing your ribbons and elastic, it’s best to ask your teacher if she/he prefers that you use a specific technique.

Dancer Dilemma: Which Ballet Slippers are Best for Me?

Dancers these days are faced with a wide range of options in choosing a pair of soft ballet shoes. Leather or canvas? Split sole or full? Factors that determine what kind of shoe is best depend on a dancers age, the shape of the foot, and what kind of floor the dancer will be dancing on.

Pilates Exercises for Dancers

Pilates Exercises for Dancers including: Single Leg Stretch, Double Leg Stretch, Scissors, Lower and Lift, and Criss Cross

My Visit to the Chiropractor: A Dancer’s Perspective

It starts off as a small ache, or maybe a tight, stiff muscle. Then out of nowhere you get injured. You weren’t doing any big moves; you weren’t landing a magnificent jump. You were simply walking or marking a few steps. We take for granted the fact that our body is a whole interconnected system. Problems with our foot aren’t always foot problems. Recently, I visited the chiropractor, and what he had to say to me was quite alarming….

Theraband Exercises for Dancers: Three for Your Feet

Theraband, or elastic latex bands, help to work on strengthening and coordinating muscle groups within their range of motion. It is typically seen in a physical rehabilitation setting, however, dancers in the know also use this handy tool in their daily training routines.

Spotlight On: John Cartwright-Chicago Dancer and Choreographer

John joined Thodos Dance Chicago as a work/study intern this year and is excited to call Chicago home!