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With push notifications, you will always have the most important and up-to-date information about your IONOS products available. It doesn`t matter if you`re logged in to IONOS in the mobile app, or at home on your desktop PC or notebook/laptop. Click on the respective push notification to go immediately to the related section of your account. With the mobile router Huawei E5573, up to 14 devices such as smartphones, tablets or notebooks can connect to the router through WiFi and then access internet. Thus the user does not have to use his own mobile phone access for surfing the Internet. The owner has the possibility to set up a WLAN password protection so that only authorized persons can access the mobile WLAN router with LTE. Auto-renewal for your contract has now been disabled. The date that your contract will expire will be displayed after the final step. If you would like to cancel one of your IONOS contracts, simply log in to the Contract Service and disable the contract auto-renewal option. While the Huawei E5573 router is included in the package with a 1 & 1 Tablet-Flat as a free start gift, the prospective buyer for the mobile device may also benefit from the contract. A minimum contract term of two years applies. 1 & 1 has now a new mobile WLAN router with LTE support from Huawei in its product range, which the customers can use with a notebook or tablet.

The router is the Huawei E5573 in black color. The small LTE router Huawei E5573 looks cool and is very similar to its predecessor such as Huawei E5577 and E5373. Die Lenkgriffe können nicht für einen besseren Transport abgeschraubt oder umgeklappt werden. So ergeben sich im zusammengefalteten Zustand Maße von 53 × 121 × 58 cm. Trotzdem sollte der 15-kg-Roller in die meisten Kofferräume ab Golfklasse passen. Aufgeklappt misst er 111 × 121 × 48 cm, die Lenkstange ist in ihrer Höhe fix. Persönliche Ansprechpartner und hervorragende Beratung rund um die Uhr – ohne lange Wartezeiten und nervige Sprachcomputer. Nett: Soflow legt dem S06 eine Smartphone-Halterung für den Lenker bei. So können Fahrer auch währender Nutzung die via Bluetooth korrespondierende App nutzen.

Diese zeigt übersichtlich unter anderem die aktuelle Geschwindigkeit, den Akkuladezustand in Prozent sowie die verbleibenden Kilometer an. Wirklich nötig ist das nicht, da das fest installierte LC-Display bereits die wichtigsten Daten zeigt. Die App soll auch die Fahrtenhistorie bereit halten, das funktionierte bei uns im Test aber nicht. With the dimensions 104 x 65 x 14.6 millimeters and a weight of 106 grams, the mobile WLAN router with LTE support fits in any trouser pocket and is lightweight. The Huawei E5573 supports LTE speeds of up to 150 Mbps downstream and up to 50 Mbps upstream. According to the manufacturer, the 2300 mAh battery should have a standby time of up to six days and a continuous operating time of up to eight hours. In the article Activate Push Messages in Browser, we show you how easy the activation is. In unserem Fall eierte das Vorderrad leicht. Wir gingen zunächst von einem Einzelfall aus.